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The ESB101 Series is a low cost peak inrush current limiter for capacitive loads in...

14th March 2017

Powersolve announces a desk-top “mini” UPS that provides a 12VDC output in the event...

24th June 2015

ISO 9001 is the key internationally agreed standard for an organisation’s internal quality...

09th July 2015

Powersolve Electronics Ltd are pleased to announce a new range of rugged & ultra...

16th October 2015

The new PSS60 Series power adaptor from Powersolve meets CEC level VI, features universal...

09th September 2016

We have just  announced a desk-top “mini” uninterruptible power...

04th March 2017

We have announced a series of Sine Wave DC/AC inverters that provides between 1000 and 4500VA...

13th March 2017

Our new family of encapsulated AC-DC switch mode power supplies has been designed specifically...

13th March 2017

Our PIN Series of CE marked, 3 stage 12 and 24V Lead Acid battery chargers are conveniently...

14th March 2017

The TMDC series is a range of fully encapsulated low profile DC/DC-converter modules just made...

14th March 2017

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Powersolve Electronics Ltd. was established in 1987 by a group of experienced power supply specialists who had had many years previous experience in the world wide power supply industry. The company was set up to provide a very wide range of standard products, not only of the highest quality, but also at competitive prices and variants and custom power supplies when the need arises.

Since then our product portfolio has grown to one of the most comprehensive ranges of power products available from any one supplier or manufacturer. We have in house design capabilities and together with our overseas manufacturing partners are able to offer a product for most power applications.

Our product range consists of AC-DC converters from 5 Watts up to 30 kWatts, DC-DC converters from 1 Watt up to 22 kWatts, DC-AC Inverters, External Power Adaptors, High Density base plate cooled power modules, 19” rack mounting Telecom Rectifiers, Medically Approved power supplies, DIN Rail mounting industrial power supplies, Uninterruptible Power Supplies, Battery Chargers, Sealed Lead Acid and Lithium Polymer Batteries and much, much more.

We are also able to quote very competitively for custom designs for power supplies, intelligent battery chargers, lithium polymer batteries and many other power products. If you don’t see a product suitable while browsing our website, be sure to contact us on our enquiry form and we will endeavor to match a product with your specification. Powersolve Electronics Ltd. now incorporates what was XP Energy Systems and is part of the XP Power group of companies.

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