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Desk-Top “Mini” DC UPS Announced By Powersolve

Powersolve announces a desk-top “mini” UPS that provides a 12VDC output in the event of an AC mains failure. The PUPS22-12 works from a 12VDC input using an AC-DC adaptor such as Powersolve’s ESA36-12 and simply plugs in between the adaptor and the load. According to Powersolve, the PUPS22-12 is ideal for powering networking devices such as routers and other low power devices.


The UPS incorporates three 3.7V Lithium batteries to provide an output capacity of 22.2 Watt Hours and a maximum output current of 2A. Charging is via a constant current/constant voltage, trickle charge battery management system.


Features include discharge voltage protection and protection against charging over-voltage and input over-current. LEDs indicate charging and charged states.

Input is via a 5.5 x 2.1mm socket while output is via a 5.5 x 2.5mm socket which will suit most applications. The PUPS22-12 measures 56 x 39 x 26mm and weighs in at 198g.


 desk-top “mini” UPS that provides a 12VDC