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Powersolve are pleased to announce the new 120 Watt AC - DC USB charger with 10 X 5V 2.4A output...

23rd July 2015

Powersolve announces a desk-top “mini” UPS that provides a 12VDC output in the event...

24th June 2015

ISO 9001 is the key internationally agreed standard for an organisation’s internal quality...

09th July 2015

Powersolve Electronics Ltd are pleased to announce a new range of rugged & ultra...

16th October 2015

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Special Offers

Powersolve are pleased to announce that we have now incorporated the full product range from XP Energy Systems to our website.

This will now be the source for all XP Energy Systems devices and gives us an even wider range of power solutions.For instance we now offer an AC-DC power supply with the following specification. Please browse our site for further details.

Click Here for an example