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13th March 2017

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14th March 2017

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SM15K Series Programable Bi-Di rectional power supply, standard 15kW Source & Sink

Brochure (PDF): 

Features Functionalities

· Bi-Di re tional power supply, standard 15kW Source & Sink

· Flexible output with constant power characteristic

· Power Regen epration Technology: sink power is not dissipated but fed back into the grid

· Designed for long life at full power

· Excellent dynamic response to load changes, digital controlled with the possibility to adapt to the type of load

· Very low heat dissipation, effi ciency > 95%

· Protected against all over load and short circuit conditions

· Operation on a wide range of three phase AC in put volt ages

· Standard Ethernet & Web interface

· EMC surpasses CE require ments: low emis sion & high immunity

· Low audible noise: temperature controlled cooling fans

· Durable digital encoders for voltage & current adjustment and menu operation

· Large user display, menu driven operations