Desk-Top back-up battery unit powers routers etc for up to 2 hours or more!

We have just announced a desk-top “mini” uninterruptible power supply (UPS) that provides back-up power in the event of an AC mains failure. The compact PUPS22 & PUPS44 UPS’s works from a 12VDC input using any approved 12V AC-DC plug-top charger capable of powering the load and with enough output power to charge the internal batteries. Powersolve’s ESA24-12 or ESA36-12 plug-top chargers are a good example.

Both models are perfect for powering networking devices such as routers or other low power devices should the mains be interrupted. The UPS incorporates the latest Lithium Ion cells to provide an output capacity of 22 Watt/hours (PUPS22) or 44 Watt/hours (PUPS44) and a maximum output current of 2A. At full load, these products will provide battery back-up for one or two hours, or more at lower output loads.

The PUPS22/44 uses a constant current/constant voltage, trickle charge battery management system and, importantly, incorporates many features including discharge voltage protection and protection against charging over-voltage and input over-current. LEDs indicate charging and charged states. Powersolve can supply a variety of input and output cable assemblies to suit most applications.

We also have also a new 5V output version available with 2A current rating.