AC Inrush Current Limiter

The ESB101 Series is a low cost peak inrush current limiter for capacitive loads in complex automation systems and machinery. It provides high reliability and interference free operation. This is not a simple NTC solution and operates as a real current limiter and cuts off all peak currents when starting consumer loads.

It is fitted with an internal temperature fuse to prevent overheating in the event of failure of the internal bypass circuit. The ESB101 is designed for use in automation systems and machinery which is in constant use.

Extreme conditions can occur on the AC line in the event of thunderstorms or a break in the electricity supply. When the AC line returns high peaks can occur to systems, which causes automatic circuit breakers to activate.

In decentralised areas this can often lead to high service costs to reactivate circuit breakers. The ESB101 can limit power up currents and provide continuous operation up to 16A.

The ESB101 is also designed to be integrated into high capacitive loads like AC-DC power supplies running in parallel operation mode. These can cause very high peak currents up to several hundred amps or more when started up which could overload circuit breakers and network installations, the ESB101 is a cost effective solution to prevent this.